Queer Artifacts And Objects

Hidden Story exhibition started July 27th, that demonstrated an exposition of queer artifacts and objects from Belarus in collaboration with Unstraight Museum ( Stockholm).

Queer museum objectives:
- Collection and documentation of modern queer history in various forms
- Providing audience with the information collected
- Arrangement of educational events
- Belarusian queer practice and theory research
Why “queer”?
Starting from 60’s notion of queer was used to describe any practice that didn’t fit heteronormative standard. This notion deals with three key aspects: gender identity, sexuality and norm. They may be or not interconnected, but they clearly show that sexuality is about nurture, not nature. Queer notion refers us not only to sexuality deconstruction but also to the notions of gender and gender identity. It dwells upon looseness of standards.
How can you add your own object?

What we expect:
Object – any material object, that bears ideas of diversity, constructive critics, satire (printed objects, postcards, t-shirts, badges, etc.)
Artifact – an object from the past, connected with a memory or event. It may bring luck (we hope we get some luck too).
Story – written of shot story you would like to share ( story of self-creation, journey, communication with family and friends)
You can contribute to the exhibit and send your own object: queermuseum@gmail.com

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