NASHY RODNIYA (“Our kindred”) LGBT parents video and photo stories

We are glad to invite you to our exhibition of photos and personal stories «Nashy Rodniya» (a project in collaboration with TERGO, TOCHKA OPORY, Anastasiya Zhiukava and Alyaxey Salmanav).

The exhibition was open during the DOTYK cinema festival in October 9 – November 20.
Venue: Anti-café Zhivy Chas, K. Marx Street, 13/1, Grodno
Free entrance.

The presentation of the project and meeting with the authors will take place October 11, 14:00.

As the author of the project, Anastasiya Zhiukava, says“ Nashy Rodniya is a line of personal stories of LGBT people relatives, behind which stands a dream of breaking the ice of silence and hypocrisy of heteronormativity. This project is a viewpoint on a family everyday routine behind the bedroom and closet. Nashy Rodniya  is stories of courageous mothers and tactful children. They speak about despair and solidarity. About tears of misunderstanding and embraces of reconciliation. About angry notes and touching text messages. About clothes from brother to brother. About home meal smell. About latenight kitchen talks. About blood and spirit ties. About voices of genius people and freedom of choice. About dreams of rainbow future”.






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