“What employee’s gender is?” is an international artistic research, organized within the “ART-SOC-LAB” project by “Radius” art-lab of European College “Liberal Arts” in Belarus (ECLAB)

The exhibition took place September 2 – September 13, 2015 in TSEKH art-space.

Project’s  curators: Anna Loktionova, Elena Ogorelysheva, MikaEla

Designer: Victoria Vilchevskaya

The project is devoted to female experience in job market space

We would like to touch upon such issues, as the problem of gender segregation, despite the fact that from the USSR times men and women were declared to having had equal rights in terms of job market. Whether women are treated as women first, and then as an employees? What does her gender mean at her workplace?

Our objective was to present the topic of female experience in job market in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine in a form of artistic polyptych. Other issues, like positive and negative discrimination in working sphere and from government and mass media, were also mentioned.

Apart from the exhibition other projects were presented, like «Representation of women in professional sphere” lecture by Olga Burko, Cinema Perpetuum Mobile project “Belarusian document” by Lina Medvedeva, presentation of female artistic workshops by “KUKHNYA” and “PRIPOY” all-female band performance.​

Video Performance PRIPOJ in Minsk (13/09/2015), during the art-research project “What gender is an employee?”.

Drill, blender, knife, sand paper, hummer — things don’t care what gender you are. We are allowed to make noise using anything we want to, bypassing any gender sterotypes and bounds of labour legislation*.
*There are 456 professions prohibited for women in Russia and 181 in Belarus, where our performance has been made.

Audio perfomance PRIPOI (full version)

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