тренинг “Challenge 2 Change: Gender Perspectives in Europe”

Date: 27.06-5.07

Place: Yerevan, Armenia


The concept of Gender Equality, as we know it today, has been forming for centuries and is still in progress. Though Gender Equality is more than ever becoming reality there is a long way to go. Women continue to earn and decide less and there is only one area where women count more than men – in the records of victims of violence. Women are still underrepresented, they earn less, and, worst of all, one in three women in the European Union has experienced physical and sexual violence. Also regarding the rights and acceptation of homosexuality and transsexualism there is still a long way to go.
It is very important to enable youth workers and young leaders to feel and reflect about the power of gender and gender roles by giving them space to discuss, debate and learn more about the topic that often remains undiscussed. That is why with this Training Course we would like to tackle these issues and look for solutions in our organizations and daily lives. We would like to develop and improve our participant’s knowledge and understanding on various concepts related to gender issues, analyze traditions, roles and perceptions of gender in different countries and societies. It’s obvious that there will be huge differences as participants will come from different realities and different corners of Europe.
The objectives of the Training Course:

  •  To learn about gender equality issues and share / compare the realities in the European Union and Neighbouring Partner countries;
  •  To exchange experiences between youth workers and youth leaders on the difficulties to find a gender balance in terms of participation of women;
  •  To develop participants knowledge and understanding on various concepts related to gender issues and emphasize the importance of gender equality in youth work and other areas;
  •  To promote gender equality in youth work and international youth projects;
  •  To facilitate networking process among participants and promote new common projects related to gender equality;
  •  To develop the quality of support systems for youth activities and capability of youth organizations to create new partnerships.

The Training Course will have also a practical side. In order to practice newly gained knowledge, the participants will plan concrete non-formal learning activities for concrete target groups (school leaders, youth with disabilities, etc.) that later can be implemented as project on their local levels or European level. Another value of this project will be the development of concrete international projects. The participants will be provided with skills to develop good quality projects, with the assistance of experts.

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